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Our Mission:

Developing collective wisdom for their respective circles, reaching equity and belonging.

Global Ubuntu, LLC are experts at creating safe and brave spaces where people are valued and respected with dignity and have a sense of belonging. People contribute by sharing their knowledge, gifts, talents, and skills to develop collective wisdom for their respective circles and reach their highest personal and business, and organizational potential.

As Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey 2020 shows, personal relationships, leadership, and organizational culture are essential for creating belonging. Global Ubuntu's training and coaching will help your team to develop the road map of the transformation process, focusing on the following:

Personal and People-Centered Transformation: Learn, practice, and invest in building, trusting, and supporting environments that build healthy professional relationships and create a sense of belonging through introspection, reflexivity, mindfulness, and humanization.

Leadership Transformation: Learn and create a process of leadership transformation by understanding and describing leadership style(s). Engage critically with present leadership types concerning power, privilege, and motives by asking “why.” Identify and decide on the necessary intervention to create a culture of DEIB by developing SMART goals.

Culture Transformation: Learn and dream, plan, and implement a culture shift from divisive to uniting, from intolerance to tolerance. Create a sense of belonging by introducing attributes of the culture of DEIB.
Policy Transformation: Develop and implement equitable policies and processes based on the culture of DEIB by assessing current policies and policy implementation.
Process of Transformation: Implementation phase and means changing the mindset, culture, and unfair practice and identifying and analyzing the root cause of the oppressive system and its impact on our culture, leadership, policies, and business and institution processes, and taking action for change.

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