Welcoming Community Dialogues

A Movement of the Real Communities Initiative

Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) and Global Ubuntu (GU) worked together for three years to support community dialogues on social issues and/or themes in communities throughout the state of Georgia. The aim of these Welcoming Community Dialogues was to create space for community members of differing backgrounds, races and abilities to discuss and dream of a society where everyone is treated with dignity and justice. Creating a welcoming community is a dream and journey that a community takes together; it is not a project. Conversations can start over coffee or dinner simply by asking how we can create a fair and welcoming community for all.

​​Global Ubuntu managed the Real Communities Initiative and the Welcoming Community Dialogues for GCDD by providing administrative and financial support, technical assistance, training, and coaching to Real Communities Partnerships and Local Listening and Dialogue groups.

You can read more about the Welcoming Community Dialogues here:

October 2019 

December 2019 

June 2020 

October 2020 

​Global Ubuntu provides training and facilitates dialogues grounded in adult education and asset-based approaches. We help businesses and communities organize conversations on issues that their groups feel strongly about. When we facilitate dialogues or host trainings, we listen to strong feelings and common themes in groups and communities. When people have strong feelings around an issue or theme, we recognize that they are motivated to act. We value creating safe spaces where people can share their knowledge and generate collective wisdom for their respective groups. This dialogue can be applied in a diverse range of circles, from governmental agencies, corporations and nonprofit organizations, schools, neighborhoods, and beyond. We follow-up dialogues and training with coaching to ensure that everyone meets their desired goals.

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