Anti-Bullying ​

Anti-Bullying ​

Anti-Bullying ​

Global Ubuntu, LLC provides anti-bullying training for students and school administration.  

This training helps students to recognize and manage their feelings about bullying and take steps for personal change. This course is recommended for middle schools and high schools.

Behavior change requires safe space; therefore, trust building and team building are the first steps to building a class free of bullying.  

Recognizing or expressing feelings is the second step to managing feelings. Both the bully and the bullied have to recognize their deep emotions in relation to bullying. Self-awareness is the second step for behavior change.

Naming and reasoning away the problem, paired with mindfulness, is the third step to solving any social and emotional behaviors, in this case, bullying.

Commitment to change is the last step in the process of change.

Sustainable change requires a long-term commitment.  

Topics covered:

  • Trust /Team building
  • Self-Awareness /Recognizing your emotions
  • Self-Management /How to express your feelings nonviolently
  • What is bullying?
  • Why people get bullied/why people bully
  • Stereotypes of bullying
  • Thinking critically about bullying
  • Standing up and advocating
  • Commitment to change/group support

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