Cultural Competency/Sensitivity

Cultural Competency/Sensitivity

Cultural Competency/Sensitivity

This training is designed to help individuals, organizations, and businesses understand the importance and value of cultural diversity. Understanding the following will give businesses, individuals, and organizations a competitive edge in the ever-evolving demographics of the U.S.

Cultural Competency Sensitivity Objectives:

  • Develop thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards individual attitudes in the organization  and society.
  • Learn and practice self-reflection about their attitudes.
  • Become prepared to spend time  learning from other cultures without judgment in organizations, businesses, or society in general.
  • Gain skills in assessing the hiring policies and procedures of organizations and businesses to make necessary changes.
  • Develop policies  that value and engage different cultures, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities.

* Cultural Competency requires a lot of patience and empathy. It can only be built when individuals allow themselves to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, and to accept the mistakes of others. This requires open, frequent communication. Individuals are asked to commit the time and effort to develop trust.

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