Workplace Training and Coaching

Conflict Resolution

Restorative Relationship is the Aim

We listen to the group to find out the underlying issues. We train and coach groups to work through their conflict and develop agreements and resolutions for the future. GU helps groups manage expectations and draw healthy boundaries. GU also coaches the group to use conflict for the business or organization's growth.  


  • Learn to deal with conflict.
  • Businesses and organizations learn to use conflict as opportunity for change.  


  • Build a collaborative team
  • A productive workplace Business growth

A story to tell:

​I , Sumaya, was working with a group on the first day of their retreat. I asked everyone to draw a tree that represented their lives. People described their trees as follows:  


“My tree was burned down.”

“My tree is cut off.

“I feel my tree has a hole in the middle,” one participant said while pointing to her stomach.

I described my tree and shared with the group as well. I said that war has affected life and thoughts a lot. The group said that I should describe my tree as having been killed by a gun. I did not agree with their conclusion about my tree of life, but I said ok.


I was nervous as the facilitator. I asked myself, “How can I work with this group so that they can work through their conflict and feel empowered and motivated for change?”  


I worked for three days to help them learn about their interpersonal issues and deal with healthily. They began to address their conflict through a dialogue process that created space where they could gave and receive healthy and productive feedback and action for change.


By the end of the third day, almost everyone was hopeful, inspired for change, and feeling empowered.

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