Workplace Training and Coaching

Team Building

We train and coach your staff and management team so that they can create a productive environment where everyone is valued, has a sense of ownership, and looks forward to coming to work. I understand that most businesses do not want to talk about feelings, but feelings are truly important. GU helps staff learn how to connect feelings and motivation to be productive on the job or during times of growth in the organization. When feelings are ignored, your staff does work, but they do not enjoy their work. As a result, you see a decrease in creativity and productiveness. When this happens, the organization tends to have high turnover rates and lose profit, morale, and reputation.


  • Learn to deal with interpersonal issues and create a positive workplace environment,
  • Become more aware of their own behavior in groups and understand various types of behavior in others. Recognizing such differences can help a group build trust.
  • Learn how to create healthy team dynamics and a productive environment


Increase your staff’s productivity

​Increase teamwork

A productive workplace

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